Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buffalo Springs Race Report

Among OTHER reasons I choose to race Buffalo Springs because it is one of the tougher 70.3’s on the circuit. This year I think it was a little harder than usual though. We didn’t have the usual Texas heat to deal with but instead copped some pretty strong winds and slick wet roads from the rain that decided to fall mid way through the bike course. This is my 2nd time racing Buffalo - last year I finished 2nd to Natascha Badmann. I was SO close to winning that race – I was 5 mins down off the bike and really went after it on the run, I came to within 100m of Natascha with 2 miles to go. Game over for her right!!! WRONG!!! Unfortunately at that point I had used up so much energy trying to catch up that I really had nothing left to finish the race. Instead, I had to watch as Natascha pulled away for the win and I was lucky just to get to that damn finish before my legs completely packed it in.

I made the decision that day to come back to Lubbock for a rematch, unfortunately Natascha is still recovering from her big crash in Kona. We all wish her well and hope to see her smiling face around the races next year, plus I want to try and beat this living legend before she retires! So instead, I was faced with some other very tough competition in Joanna Zeiger and Joanna Lawn – two kick ass triathletes who need no introduction.

On race morning I was excited to pull on my new custom zoot uni and was fired up and ready for a good fight. I was 2+ minutes down on Zeiger - the superfish, out of the water and had my work cut out for me. My legs were feeling pretty good though, and I was able to catch up to Zeiger and take the lead at around mile 30…. Only to be passed by Jo Lawn a few miles later. I hung tough though and came into transition not too far behind Jo Lawn. With a speedy transition I was able to take the lead quite early in on the run and fortunately held it right to the finish!! I am very happy with where I am at this stage of the season – I really wanted to put together a good performance in Buffalo and feel like I am on track to another great race at the 70.3 world champs in November. Next up is Minneapolis and New York - the first two races in the Lifetime Fitness Series - then Newfoundland 70.3. Three weeks in a row of fun filled adventure… Love it!

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